This Vacuum is Too Loud 2012
The story of a man who finds himself lost on Earth, determined to return home.
Written, Directed, and Edited by Gus Péwé
Music by Tommy Colangelo
Starring Merlin Bell
with Lauren Adejumo, Sindy Ortiz Pimentel, Xavier Vargas, and Tierney Wiles
Winner of the Visions Film Festival and Conference 2013
Official Selection – New Orleans Film Festival 2012
Winner of the Hammer To Nail Short Film Contest: June 2012
Click on the: Hammer to Nail Review

Postmortem Jam 2012

A movie about dancing around, kissing, and the taste of jam & butter on bread.

Starring Merlin Bell & Autumn Stiles.
Written & Directed by Gus Péwé
Produced & Edited by Hannah Selinsky

I Wish 2010

This commercial is a part of Boys Town National PSA Hotline commercials for kids and teens. Look at 0:25 to see me on the commercial!

 The Walk 2014

Starring: Merlin Bell, Megan Kenworthy, and Jack Claude

Directed by Hai Nghiem

Written by Ryan Morris

The Hitchhiker and the Driver 2012

Starring: Khari Saffo and Merlin Bell

Directed by Gus Pewe

The Last Hurrah 2012

Directed by Josh Desola

Honor Student 2015

Directed by Hai Nghiem and Gabrielle Rickle

Starring: Merlin Bell, De’Garrica Elliot, Julio Martinez


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